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Most of this stuff was recorded a long, long time ago and should be in no way a reference to our artistic talents and abilities. We are way better now and "Yikes!" reserves the right to deny that it is even us on the recording



Not the Complete song, But, WOW! What great demos!.

Live Stuff

 They are not the greatest bit rate , but you get a complete song with that live Yikesappeal.


 ' Nuff Said, Other than some were recorded live at Brennans Pub

Beast of Burden (Stones) - Jeff on Vocals

Stray Cat Strut - Obvious Tribute

Internet - Song of Love

Brick House (Commodors) - Dave on Vocals

Smoke 2 Joints- Toys Tribute

Jack Daniels - song about drinkin'

Santeria (Sublimb)- Jeff on Vocals

We Are Family-  w/ Tori Meyer on Vocals

Bartab - Dedicated to all our favorite bartenders

Machine Head (Bush)- Jeff on Vocals

I Will Survive- w/ Tori Meyer on Vocals

Bistro Rock - song about the Venice Bistro

Sleep Now in the Fire (Rage) - Frank on vocals



Funky Music (Wild Cherry)- Jeff on Vocals

Give It Away (Chili Peppers) - Jeff on Vocals