"Brennans Pub"

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   "Brennen's Pub" has been a Southern California hot spot for decades and is famous for its turtle races held  every Thursday night.  

 A long while back, Brennas Pub used to have MC Pino as the hosts of the turtle races on the outside patio . He was Loud,  rude, yelled at the patrons.... and that was all part of the fun!!  His rantings were hilarious and put an "edge" on the races. You were never sure if he was kiddin' or seriously pissed. Definitly keepin' it Real. He was a legend at Brennans',

  You would also find the band "Yikes!". "Yikes!" is also a local legend, playing around the Venice  area for over 13 years and raising allot of hell in the process. "Yikes!" is a true "Dogtown" band with an awesome combination of attitude and talent. You don't just watch a "Yikes!" show, you party with them and are blown away by them. "Yikes!" plays what they feel and aren't concerned about playing enough Disco so that people could dance. They don't need to, "Yikes!"  can get you to dance to a Black Sabbath tune.. "Yikes!" has spent 4 of those years playing at Brennans Pub every Thursday night (turtle night).  Always an element of the unexpected, Pino and "Yikes!" kept their audiences on the edge of their seats and you never knew if you might become part of the show, either on purpous or by accident.

 Brennans' Pub now has a new Turtle MC and a new Thursday house band. The MC doesnt yell and swear at the patrons and the house band doesn't run up a huge bartab. True, it may not be as exciting (or dangerous) but Brennans' Pub is still the coolest gig around, especially on a Thursday.

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